Sterilized Universal Mouthpieces CDP-178NF – Pack 25 units


CDP-178NF Universal mouthpieces are characterized by being multi-diameter, thus adapting to virtually most all breathalyzers in the market. These mouthpieces are sterilized and incorporate an anti-return system, specially designed for professional use, preventing saliva or other particles from reaching the sensor and damaging it, in addition to allowing a hygienic and sanitary use.

They are compatible with Zaphir 2000/2500/3000/3500,App-i, alko-prevent AP012, ALC Security 304F, CDP 7000/8000/8100/8800/8899 and 9000 breathalyzers, and most ethylometers used by law enforcement such as Dräger and Envitec Alcoquant 6020,  Alcolock,  as well as most breathalyzers in the market given their multi-diameter adjustment format (see verified models below).  

The pack contains 25 mouthpieces.


Sterilized Universal Mouthpieces CDP-178NF – Pack 25 units

The pack contains 25 sterilized universal mouthpieces. They have been designed for a professional use and include an anti-return valve, in addition to being multi-diameter. This allows them to be compatible with the vast majority of breathalyzers and alcohol testers used by the police in Spain and other European countries. 

General characteristics:

Manufactured based on high density polypropylene (PP), with a high level of resistance against biting, various chemical solvents, and alkalis and acids.

Equipped with a safe anti-return valve, so testers don’t run any health risks regarding contagious diseases, infections, etc.

With a design that includes a block to impede inserting into the mouth beyond a certain limit during blowing, preventing oral contact with the device. Its diameter also allows easy testing.

It is universally compatible with all CDP breathalyzers and alcohol testers currently used by the police.

Packaged individually, in easy-to-open sealed bags.

The individual bags are packaged in sets of 25, forming a pack and including a batch number and expiration date.

The sterilization process is performed using electron scanning accelerated at a dose exceeding 10 Kg or another procedure offering sufficient guarantees.

These mouthpieces are compatible with the following breathalyzers or ethylometers

  • Zaphir 2000 / 2500 / 3000 / 3500 /App-i/alko-prevent AP012
  • ALC Security 304F.
  • CDP 7000 / 8100 / 8800/8899/ 9000
  • Dräguer Alcotest 6510 / 6810 / 7410 / 7110 (Short type with non-return valve)
  • Envitec Alcoquant 6020 & 6020 PLUS
  • Alcolock (Breathalyzer for fleet operations)
  • ACE DA-7100 / ACE Wave / ACE AF33 / ACE C-SERIES/ ACE AL5500 / ACE One / ACE Neo.
  • AT6000 en todas sus variantes.
  • Overmax OV-AD-03.
  • BACtracks BTM5.
  • Gima 24491.
  • FIt333
  • Everyoung ET200.
  • AlcoSafe S4
  • BACtrack S80
  • BEAUDENS breathalyzers
  • Oasser

Compatible Mouthpieces for ACS brand type G series interlocks and DRIVESAFE testers, models:

  • ALERT™ J4X
  • ALERT™ J5
  • ALCOTEST™ 7410
  • ALCOTEST™ 7110
  • ALCOTEST™ 9510
  • SS1-1000
  • SS1-20/20
  • FC100