Protective cover for breathalyzers Zaphir 2000/3000 / CDP8100 / CDP8800 neoprene

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The neoprene case for the Zaphir 2000/ 3000 and CDP 8100 / 8800 breathalyzer allows you to store the device in order to avoid damages in case it is accidently hit, etc. and maintain an optimum storage temperature for the sensor. It also includes a fastening harness to place it on your belt or any other place. Also, its zipper closing prevents it from getting dust, etc. so it is completely protected.

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The protection neoprene case for the Zaphir 2000/ 3000 and CDP 8100 / 8800 breathalyzer is made of fabric, and it includes a zipper so it may be completely closed, as well as a harness that will allow you to place it on a belt, etc. This option allows you to guard and protect the unit from damages, and makes it easier to transport it.