Alcohol Solution For Breathalyzers Calibrations

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Pack de 16 ampollas de solución de Alcohol Certificadas de 0,05 gms% // 0,50 g/l  // 0,25 mg/l

Guth stock solution ampoules are prepared by the end user in the field to obtain a working solution. They are used in the simulator for breathalyzer calibrations. Each pack contains 16 ampoules.

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Guth stock solution ampoules are prepared under the highest quality standards, using Type I water and USP ethyl alcohol.A precise concentration of a “working solution” is prepared by the end user in the field when the contents of the ampoule are properly mixed with purified water in a 500ml Class A volumetric flask for use in simulators to check and or calibrate Alcohol Breath Test Instruments using a wet gas sample in air.


Stock solution ampoules are prepared in standard concentrations to give an alcohol breath test instrument the following readings: 0,05 gms%, Other concentrations are available.

Technical specifications:

  • Ampoules are packaged 16 ampoules/box and come with instructions for preparing the working solution.
  • Weight: 0.75 lb