Sterilized 50 Mouthpieces for the Breath Tester CDP 8900

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If you have purchased or if you own a Breath Tester CDP 8900, you will need special mouthpieces. Our sterilized and reusable mouthpieces have been specially designed for a professional use since they incorporate an anti-return system that impedes saliva or other particles from reaching the sensor and deteriorating it, besides guaranteeing a hygienic use.

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The blowing mouthpieces for this breath analyzer have the following characteristics:

  • Manufactured based on polyethylene of high density, with a high degree of resistance, especially against bites.
  • Of a size and shape that facilitate blowing.
  • With a diameter that allows the tester to carry out the test comfortably.
  • Includes a safe anti-return system that impedes the person who carries out the test from inhaling from the equipment, preventing the spread of infections, etc.
  • Packed individually, in sealed bags, easy to open.
  • The mouthpiece sterilization process is carried out in facilities authorized by the Ministry of Health in Spain, by means of sweeping accelerated electrons at a dose exceeding 10 kg.
  • If required, each mouthpiece may come with its corresponding sterilization certificate.

The price corresponds to the minimum order (50 units).