Ethylometer CDP 8900 Evidential Police with Printer

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Maximum reliability breathalyzer designed for police use. Incorporates the latest technological advances such as an integrated printer, OLED touch screen, high capacity lithium, etc.

The CEM “Spanish Metrology Center” that is part of the Ministry of Industry performed tests to issue an operation report through record No. 121937003, using procedure CEM-PT0032, with results showing high reliability.

This product has been designed, manufactured and tested according to strict international quality standards pertaining to regulation OIML R 126, following the recommendations regarding evidence breathalyzers. Since every country has its specific legislation, we recommend consulting local regulations for authorized evidence use.

In the case of Spain, the equipment has not been approved for evidential use at the moment, since it is pending verification according to Order ITC / 3707/2006 and / or ICT / 155/2020.

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Ethylometer CDP 8900 Evidential Police with Printer

The CEM Spanish Metrology Station” under the Ministry of Industry has carried out tests to make a performance report by reference No. 121937003using the procedure CEM-PT0032, showing results that demonstrate its high reliability. This product has been designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the guidelines and international quality standards with respect to OIML R 126 on the recommendations regarding evidentiary breathalyzers.

General characteristics:

  • Equipped with electrochemical sensor by high-tech fuel cell and interchangeable sensor module.
  • Fast activation sensor with long term accurate and stable results.
  • Equipped with resistive wide touch screen (2.83 inch OLED LCD) that includes digital keypad for fast and simple data entry.
  • GPS (optional) that provides geographical information about the performance of the tests.
  • Built-in printer that can be disassembled at the user’s convenience.
  • It uses sterilized mouthpieces with anti-return system for optimal testing hygiene.
  • Equipped with rechargeable lithium type battery: Li-Ion battery, 7.4V/2500mA
  • Intelligent blow flow detection system when carrying out the tests to discern Invalid tests.
  • Continuous operation autonomy of over 20 hours under normal operation conditions.
  • Four possible measurement units:
    • Mg/L in exhaled air.
    • G/L in blood.
    • % BAC.
    • PPM.
  • It stores up to 20,000 entries in its memory (upgradable to over 40.000 under special orders) including the result, temperature, date and time of each measurement.
  • Clear and precise 4-digit LCD screen, with clear messages and easy to read. Its backup light allows night viewing.
  • Password-protected software access. Protected against possible unwelcome handling.
  • Other functions include:
    • Auto shutdown function.
    • Verification of next calibration time (recommended every 6 or 12 months).
    • Battery state in real time.
    • Possibility to carry out at the user’s convenience: passive mode measurements, environmental air or breath sampling, etc.
  • Adjustable alarm level.
  • It allows transferring the results obtained or stored in memory to a PC via a USB cable (supplied with kit).
  • The following information is shown on the printed receipt:
    • Device reference.
    • Number of printed report.
    • Date.
    • Time.
    • Environmental temperature.
    • Result.
    • Device status or mode.
    • Person tested.
    • Vehicle registration.
    • Postal address.
    • Signature of the person tested.
    • Police reference (badge number).
    • This information may be customized for large projects.
  • It includes special blowing mouthpieces manufactured based on high density polypropylene provided with an anti-return system that impedes the user from inhaling from the equipment, thereby preventing infections, etc.
  • It may be regauged.

Technical specifications:

  • Sensor type: electrochemical sensor (Fuel Sensor).
  • Accuracy: <0.400 ±0.020 mg/L / / 0.400 – 1.000 ±5% / / 1.000 – 2.000 ±20%
  • Measurement range: 0.000~2.000mg/L (0~440mg/100mL 0.000~4.000g/L0.000~0.400%BAC, 0.000~2.000‰BAC)
  • Under special project request the readings range can be upgrade up to a ceiling of  2.5 mg/L
  • Standard deviation: 0.006 mg/L.
  • Alarm level: adjustable in a wide interval of 0.200 – 0.600 mg/L.
  • Blow time: 3.5 sec.
  • Response time: < 10 sec.
  • Operation temperature: -30ºC – 60ºC
  • Storage temperature: -30ºC – 80ºC
  • Relative humidity: from 20 to 90%
  • Atmospheric pressure: from 700 to 1300 hPa.
  • LCD Screen: resistive touch screen (2.83 inch OLED LCD)
  • Protective casing with ABS PA-777E manufactured impact resistance, with Rockwell hardness R-115 level equivalent to SHORE D-130
  • Size: 156mm×76mm×38mm
  • Weight: 320 g.

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CDP has its own breathalyzer laboratory, offering qualified technical and after-sales support. This is essential when marketing these measuring devices that require periodic maintenance including certified calibrations, replacement of parts, repairs, and supplies especially certified for health and professional use. We have more than 20 years of experience, and we are one of the top companies in Europe in this field.


Etilómetro Evidencial CDP 8900 Police con Impresora
Etilómetro Evidencial CDP 8900 Police con Impresora
Informe técnico CEM CDP 8900
Folleto CDP 8900