Professional Breathalyzers Rental Service

CDP offers a professional breathalyzers rental service. The breathalyzers that we offer are professional testers, or portable breath testers, and vending breathalyzer units or coin-operated testers for public use. All devices are tested and calibrated in our laboratory to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability.

They are ideal in events where people normally drink alcohol (parties, weddings, etc.) or during activities where drinking should be prevented, for example, routes in Quads, cars circuits, car testing, driving courses, etc.

The rental of these devices will be done by days. For further information, indicate your needs and the type of event, and we will advise you on the most suitable unit. We also offer long-term rentals.



Professional Breathalyzers Rental Service

Thanks to the breathalyzers rental service provided by CDP, you can have a device to perform alcohol breath tests in a quick and intuitive manner during the development of many activities.

You can rent the breathalyzer per day. The rental price will be proportional to the cost of the equipment as new, per day, plus 10 euros for shipping which includes delivery and pickup after the service. The delivery is done in 24-48 hours in the Peninsula. For rentals outside of Spain, pricing will depend on the destination

If you want a breathalyzer for your business, without worrying about maintenance, we also offer long-term rental options with different rates.

The use of accessories such as straws and mouthpieces will be quoted separately, depending on the volume required.

To contract the service, it is necessary to pay a refundable security deposit of 100% of the value of the equipment as new.From this amount, we deduct the amount accrued as rental according to the days contracted. The same situation occurs if it is a long-term rental.

Once we receive the unit back in our facilities, it will be checked by our technical service. We will verify that the tester is in good condition, including all accessories (if any) and the original packaging supplied; the corresponding reimbursement will then be issued.