ALC Vending Maspoint CDP 3000 and ALCO-SCAN AL3500 Sensors

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The integrated and disposable sensors of the MASPOINT CDP-3000 and ALCO-SCAN AL3500 alcohol breath tester guarantee maximum reliability during a useful life of 500 uses.

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The MASPOINT CDP 3000 and ALCO-SCAN AL3500 vending breath tester offers a maximum guarantee of reliability due to its disposable gas semiconductor sensor, exclusive world-wide.
This sensor does not require complex calibration systems by technical services, and no maintenance or after-sale checks are necessary.
When the sensor has reached its useful life, the machine’s digital screen will show the word “SEN” to inform you that you should replace the sensor. The sensor replacement process is very simple, and it may be carried out by any user. A sensor should generate a collection of approximately 500 euros (500 tests X 1.00 euros = 500.00 euros).