ZAPHIR 2500 Breathalyzer Calibration Service

19,99 16,52 without vat

If you own one of the following ZAPHIR 2500 breathalyzers, we recommend that you recalibrate your breathalyzer at least once a year. This ensures the correct operation of your device and greater accuracy.

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Zaphir 2500 Breathalyzers Calibration Service

C.D.Products offers a complete recalibration service.

  1. We pick up your device from your home.
  2. Our technical specialists check the state of your breathalyzer in our laboratory.
  3. We use precise instruments to correctly calibrate the unit received.
  4. The breath tester is returned in less than a week.


The price shown corresponds to the service and transportation cost within Spain (peninsula). For pickups and deliveries to the Canary Islands or abroad, please contact us regarding the cost of this service.