Plasma ion air purifier and ozonizer CDP 050

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The CDP 050 plasma ion air purifier and ozonizer is a device that employs the 2 most effective purification and hygiene technologies against viruses and bacteria: IONIZER + OZONIZER.  The CDP-050 cold plasma ionizer and ozonizer is designed to sanitize and purify indoor air by combining plasma ions and generating ozone.

Our cold plasma ionizers cleanse the air in a quiet mode, with no noisy fans or filters to replace, with a very efficient energy consumption (less than 2 Watts) that offers a constant, effective and durable treatment over time to effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, mites and prions.

Innovative purification concept with important advantages:

  • Plasma ion air purifier: A Plasma ionizer creates a natural breeze of negative ions that purify the air by eliminating all kinds of pathogens
  • Ozone generator in air and liquid medium depending on your needs
  • Water purifier using special cleaning device included.
  • Sterilization of non-organic items: Masks, cooking instruments, pacifiers, bottles, toothbrushes, etc.
  • Sterilization of food and organic products: Fruits, meats, vegetables, etc.
  • Cost-effective as it does not require filter replacement and its operation employs minimal energy consumption compared to traditional filters
  • Very quiet as it does not employ fans, the spread of ions in the environment is by natural diffusion


News from El País (spanish)-> Un salón, un bar y una clase: así contagia el coronavirus en el aire

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Plasma ion air purifier and ozonizer CDP 050

This device equips a natural diffusion system for the high volatility of plasma ions without employing fans or mechanical elements so it is very quiet.  Ideal for rooms that are 50-60 m2.


Why choose an ionizer over an air purifier with filters?

The solution for cleaning air is very different from those offered by standard filtration devices, i.e. air purifiers with filters. Filtration units operate in a completely different way: they suction air with a turbine, pass it through filters (which need to be replaced regularly), and push it into the air. This process produces a noise that some users find too annoying, and they entail maintenance costs.

Our cold plasma ionizers purify the air in a much quieter mode, without filters to replace, with a much lower energy consumption (less than 2 watts). They do not have a “boost” mode, but offer a constant, effective and durable treatment over time.

Based on Plasma ion technology that produces air hygiene and purification by the same ions acting in nature, these devices purify indoor air in an easy-to-use and environmentally friendly way. Because the ions are very volatile and expandable – so they spread naturally like gas in a room (quicker there are ventilation elements such as heat pumps etc.), so a fan is not required to operate.

Purificador de aire por iones de plasma y ozonizador CDP 050

In addition, plasma ionizers are designed to withstand intensive daily use: completely silent, without any filter (i.e. at no additional cost), save energy (less than 2 W) and are developed to last a long time, more than 10,000 hours of operation.


  • The ion generator and dust collection panels are designed as removable cartridges for easy washing.
  • The Plasma Ionizer produces negative ions to provide you with naturally clean and healthy air.
  • Cost-effective as it does not require filter replacement, and with low power consumption.
  • The plasma ionizer creates a natural breeze of negative ions that purify the air with very high efficiency.


  • Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Restrooms
  • Offices and internal zones

News from El País (spanish)-> Un salón, un bar y una clase: así contagia el coronavirus en el aire

Purificador de aire


The CDP 050 ionizer and ozonizer was designed to renew and improve indoor air by combining plasma ions and ozone. This intelligent purifier combines the 2 most effective technologies for the disinfection and hygiene of your home or workspace.

The plasma ionizer releases a large amount of ions (6 x 10000000 pcs/cm3) that attract particles, such as dust, pollen, and allergens, which are positively charged. Particles become heavy and fall to the ground, outside the respiratory system. Negative ions also play a role in disinfection and air purification, destroying formaldehyde, preventing corrosion and eliminating smoke and inner odors in addition to deeply cleaning a room.


Cold plasma ionization produces a large number of ion-charged oxygen molecules and uses air diffusion to spread them indoors. In contact with an opposite sign particle, for example a virus or bacteria, in its natural need to seek balance, the ionized oxygen molecule yields the leftover ion, causing the oxidation of the virus or bacteria, and its inactivation or death. The Ionization of Cold Plasma is recorded and documented in the “Manual of Prevention and Treatment of COVID19”, an international source recognized by the Ministry of Health and Labor, as the first and most effective measure for the sterilization of air and surfaces, published on March 18, 2020 by the First Hospital Affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine of Zhejiang University in China.

Plasmas reduce pathogen concentrations when they come into contact with contaminated surfaces. Plasma destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi and prions. It also eliminates toxins and other organic pollutants. Therefore, plasma disinfection does not require expensive vacuum equipment or toxic chemicals, making the process inexpensive and environmentally friendly. The atmospheric pressure plasmas of the DDA discharge are cold, making the disinfection of plasma very mild compared to standard disinfection procedures using pressurized hot air, pressurized hot water vapor or toxic substances. It affects only a very thin surface layer. Because of this, plasmas can disinfect a variety of sensitive surfaces, including living tissues and even open wounds.

The ozone generator is ideal for neutralizing strong odors. It also helps eliminate bacteria, germs and viruses that are harmful while breathing. Originally, ozone was designed for water cleaning. Ionized water has a hygienic purpose. Ozone removes 99.9% of bacteria, pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, hormones and antibiotics in meat, etc., thus extending the shelf life of fresh products (+ 30%).

Other advantages

  1. Ozone has fungicide properties and is capable of destroying all kinds of toxins, bacteria and viruses — such as Covid-19 — present in an environment, purifying the air with each application.
  2. Ozone treatments renew and oxygenate air in enclosed spaces, eliminating odors, and all kinds of harmful agents.
  3. Because it is a gas, it can reach any area.
  4. Reduces effort and time in the cleaning and disinfecting of certain surfaces such as upholstery and fabrics, and in places that are difficult to access through other means.
  5. Ozone treatments can also be applied in water, without interfering with the pH, thus avoiding the addition of some products such as chlorine.


Tobacco smoke, mites, dust, pollen, dandruff, mold, biological and chemical toxic substances and other air pollutants are everywhere. For allergy sufferers, these substances make the poor air in your home, vehicle or office very harmful to your health, especially at night. Now, you can permanently get rid of these pollutants and enjoy clean, healthy air.

Its use is suitable for rooms from 20 to 55 square meters and it has a timer with sensors to ensure that the room reaches an optimal state of disinfection and hygiene, not exceeding the recommended concentrations.

Technical specifications

  • Type: Ionization and Ozone Purifier
  • Model number: CDP 050
  • Function: Sterilize
  • Very silent
  • Independent adjustable timer for Ozone and Plasma:
    • 5- 30 minutes of Ozone
    • 2 to 8 hours of ionizing by Plasma
  • Double Purification: by Ozone and Plasma
  • Use: homes
  • Area covered: 31 – 50 ㎡
  • Power source: Electric
  • Installation: portable
  • Power (W): 16
  • Voltage (V): 230
  • Air volume: 400 m³/h
  • Anion density: >4000000 unit/m³
  • Capacity (CFM): 40
  • Plasma ion output density: 6,000,000 pcs
  • Ozone output density: 400mg/H
  • Gross weight: 1.9kg
  • Product size: 260*360*93mm
  • Box size: 405*300*135mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Certification: CE, ROHS



News (spanish) -> Un salón, un bar y una clase: así contagia el coronavirus en el aire